How our school retained educators of color

by Bridget Wilhelm  |  1.9.23

Here are 3 concrete practices that worked for us.

The single most important change we made to hire more educators of color

by Bridget Wilhelm  |  1.9.23

We have to commit to recruitment as part of our ongoing, year-round work.

Two steps for supporting teachers with classroom culture challenges

by VaShawn Smith  |  12.19.22

“We are a whole school of PD.” Supporting teachers with student rapport, relationships and routines.

Starting 2023 fresh: Instructional leadership roundup

by The Principal Project Team  |  12.19.22

For new Ps and APs: Instructional leadership tips & tools from veteran administrators

Making a difference all day long: an illustrated journey

by Traniece Brown-Warrens  |  11.21.22

A day in the life of Principal Traniece Brown-Warrens.

Want to grow as an instructional leader? Start with ONE focus area

by Shelley Burgess  |  11.15.22

The more focused we are, the bigger impact we can have on instruction.

Teacher Feedback: The Difference Between Praise and Appreciation

by Shelley Burgess  |  11.15.22

I recently wrote about the transformative power of conducting frequent, brief classroom walkthroughs as a school leader. Setting aside 30 minutes per day to visit 10 classrooms can be a gamechanger in your knowledge of what’s happening with teaching and learning in your school, as well as in your ability to build a learning community […]

My Top Advice for New Leaders? Spend 30 Minutes in Classrooms Every Day

by Shelley Burgess  |  11.15.22

Trust me: Frequent, brief observations can transform the learning culture in your school.

Collecting the Right Data to Understand Our Schools

by Sarah Sirgo  |  10.28.22

Surveys and walkthroughs can miss the full story of our schools. Student shadowing can help fill the gap.

What does strong instructional leadership in math look like?

by Ami Song  |  10.27.22

Here are the qualities I’ve seen in principals whose students see themselves as mathematicians.

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