Teacher voice: 3 ways principals can create conditions for joy

by Tiffany Scott  |  1.19.24

Serving as a school leader must be so demanding. I’ve not experienced first hand what it feels like to sit in the principal’s seat. As an educator however, I have experienced the incredible power principals have to make teachers feel cared for and valued as human beings, not just as teachers. I wanted to share […]

Why co-teaching is at the heart of my math coaching practice

by Nefertiti Singleton  |  1.16.24

One of the pillars of my math coaching practice is my belief that the best coaching happens in the moment. In teaching, we have those opportunities for “just in time” direct instruction with students: When a student expresses a misconception, we jump right in and clear it up so the student’s learning can continue moving forward. This concept shapes the way I approach coaching as well, and it’s why I try to co-teach with every educator I coach.

5 ways to create a culture of joy – for teachers and yourself

by Erika Garcia-Niles  |  1.2.24

5 ways to create a culture of joy – for teachers and yourself

Teachers need more time. Here’s how we make it.

by Erika Garcia-Niles  |  11.16.23

This is my 25th year in education, and I spent 20 of those years as a teacher. I loved being a teacher. I loved working with kids. When I decided to pursue school leadership, I promised myself I’d keep students at the heart of every decision. But the more I have learned about principal leadership, […]

5 leaders, 5 tips: Getting your team excited about professional learning

by Your Principal Project Colleagues  |  11.8.23

You and your fellow school leaders have let us know: One thing that makes your team truly great is their investment in growing their practice to inspire students! But during weeks when teacher workloads feel heavy or student engagement lags, it can be harder for your staff to find energy for new professional learning and […]

A strong feedback culture starts with us

by Victoria Thompson  |  9.20.23

We have the power to set the tone for our whole team’s collaboration.

The lifelong impact of a Black educator

by Otis Kitchen  |  9.8.23

When you’re a young Black student, meeting a Black male educator allows you to literally see success personified. It changes your outlook on what’s possible. You see someone who looks like you making a difference, and you can aspire to make a difference, too.

How my team and I promote students’ positive self-identities all year round

by Melody Hawkins  |  8.28.23

Wondering what asset-based language sounds like in your interactions with students? These principles can help.

4 reflections for building more equitable schools

by Melody Hawkins  |  8.28.23

How each of us can build environments of consistent, unconditional support for every student.

4 priorities for (re)engaging families in the year ahead

by Dan Zdanowski  |  8.22.23

As we rebuilt after COVID, these 4 priorities shaped our family engagement program.

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