6 tips for making the transition from AP to principal

by Ahmed Adelekan  |  4.19.24

This year, I’m serving as the Principal at Benjamin Banneker Middle School in Montgomery County Public Schools – my first year as a principal after 10 years as an AP. While moving from AP to principal shifts only one seat over, the difference in the role can feel tremendous. As an AP, my responsibilities centered […]

3 questions to ask yourself when mapping a career in education leadership

by Victoria Thompson  |  5.16.23

Here’s the advice I give my educator friends.

Making a difference all day long: an illustrated journey

by Traniece Brown-Warrens  |  11.21.22

A day in the life of Principal Traniece Brown-Warrens.

Listen In: A playlist to celebrate your leader life

by The Principal Project Team  |  10.18.22

For leaders, by leaders: Songs to celebrate your work and renew your “why.”

My 3 tips for when the leadership road feels rocky

by Greg Moffitt  |  10.6.22

Last year, I celebrated my 10th year as a school administrator. This year, a family move took me across the country, and I’m now serving as director of principal development for my new district. Every principal I support, from brand-new leaders to veteran administrators, knows that the principal role can be incredibly rewarding and incredibly […]

Look, Listen & Learn: Reflections from my first year as a new Principal

by Audrey Fields  |  8.5.22

For 19 years, I worked in the same school district. I started as a teacher, then various Instructional and Climate Support positions, and then transitioned to the role of Assistant Principal. Then last year, I started a new role as Principal in a new building and a new district. It was important to me to […]

Leader Bulletin Board: 10 Tips for New and Aspiring APs

by The Principal Project Team  |  5.23.22

Student encourager. Teacher inspirer. Family supporter. Becoming an assistant principal means wearing many hats! That’s why your fellow leaders came together to answer this question: If you could add one tip to a bulletin board of advice for new and aspiring assistant principals, what would it be?  Browse their notes below and find a few […]

Advice to new principals: Get away from your desk

by Tom Fabian  |  4.20.22

For school leaders, visibility really matters. I’m always out and about in our building – and it’s my personal goal to spend as little time as possible tied to my desk. Every minute I have, I’m out talking and asking questions to people in the building. Instead of sending five separate emails, I’ll walk to […]

Digital Care Package: Happy National Principals Month!

by The Principal Project Team  |  10.13.21

Happy National Principals Month!  You do so much for the school communities you lead – and you deserve to be taken care of, too! We’ve collaborated with your fellow leaders to collect some gifts to make your National Principals Month extra special. Download each of the items below to complete your care package! Phone Backgrounds […]

#PrincipalOfficeHours: 5 Self-Care Strategies for School Leaders

by Ashley Moore  |  12.8.20

“My self-care strategy is simple: look for something to laugh about and someone to laugh with.” – David Golden, principal in Fayetteville, TN “Normalize healthy habits as the leader. You don’t have to be first to school or last to leave. You don’t need to email at all hours. Breaks are okay – and needed. […]

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