Listen In: A playlist to celebrate your leader life

Leaders like you do so much to create a supportive school community for students and staff. You build inclusion and affirmation into your year-round leadership – but you also take every daily opportunity to make students and teachers feel valued for exactly who they are.

When you know a teacher could use a boost in inspiration, you grab their “hype song” and play it in a staff meeting. When you see students trading dance steps in the hallway, you cheer them on – or even jump in! You sing the praises of everyone around you – and that’s why, this National Principals Month, a few of your colleagues have curated a playlist to celebrate YOU:

Songs to boost your energy sky-high. Songs to restore your balance. Songs to celebrate your impact and renew your “why.” Click through to fill your phone, your car and your office with fresh inspiration from your fellow leaders.

As you walk the halls this National Principals Month, we hope you’ll find yourself humming a new tune or even breaking into a quick dance move – and we hope you’ll be reminded of just how much your work matters to your school community!