Making a difference all day long: an illustrated journey

by Traniece Brown-Warrens  |  11.21.22

A day in the life of Principal Traniece Brown-Warrens.

Want to grow as an instructional leader? Start with ONE focus area

by Shelley Burgess  |  11.15.22

The more focused we are, the bigger impact we can have on instruction.

Teacher Feedback: The Difference Between Praise and Appreciation

by Shelley Burgess  |  11.15.22

I recently wrote about the transformative power of conducting frequent, brief classroom walkthroughs as a school leader. Setting aside 30 minutes per day to visit 10 classrooms can be a gamechanger in your knowledge of what’s happening with teaching and learning in your school, as well as in your ability to build a learning community […]

My Top Advice for New Leaders? Spend 30 Minutes in Classrooms Every Day

by Shelley Burgess  |  11.15.22

Trust me: Frequent, brief observations can transform the learning culture in your school.

Collecting the Right Data to Understand Our Schools

by Sarah Sirgo  |  10.28.22

Surveys and walkthroughs can miss the full story of our schools. Student shadowing can help fill the gap.

What does strong instructional leadership in math look like?

by Ami Song  |  10.27.22

Here are the qualities I’ve seen in principals whose students see themselves as mathematicians.

Leader Bulletin Board: 9 Top Tips to Support Your Success as a New Leader

by #PrincipalProject Team  |  10.24.22

Stepping into a new role. Leveling up your leadership. Joining a new school district. Principal Project celebrates all leaders embracing new firsts this year. We know you’re working day in and day out to support students, families and staff as you rise to any challenge as a community. That’s why we asked your fellow leaders […]

Listen In: A playlist to celebrate your leader life

by #PrincipalProject Team  |  10.18.22

For leaders, by leaders: Songs to celebrate your work and renew your “why.”

My 3 tips for when the leadership road feels rocky

by Greg Moffitt  |  10.6.22

Last year, I celebrated my 10th year as a school administrator. This year, a family move took me across the country, and I’m now serving as director of principal development for my new district. Every principal I support, from brand-new leaders to veteran administrators, knows that the principal role can be incredibly rewarding and incredibly […]

Digital Care Package: Happy National Principals Month!

by #PrincipalProject Team  |  10.5.22

Happy National Principals Month! You do so much for the school communities you lead – and you deserve to be taken care of, too! We’ve collaborated with your fellow leaders to collect some gifts to make your National Principals Month extra special. Click to download each of the items below to complete your care package! […]

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