4 priorities for (re)engaging families in the year ahead

by Dan Zdanowski  |  8.22.23

As we rebuilt after COVID, these 4 priorities shaped our family engagement program.

3 principles for an asset-based approach to family engagement

by Enedelia "Margie" Gomez  |  8.2.23

What can partnering with families really look like? How can those partnerships support our campuses and communities?

4 steps to creating a family “welcome committee”

by Michael Moore and Lynda Watters  |  7.28.23

We want new families to feel seen and accepted before their students’ first day

Our approach to creating a community-centered school

by Maricela Rodriguez  |  7.26.23

To encourage family participation and engagement, we must center community in all we do.

Making a difference all day long: an illustrated journey

by Traniece Brown-Warrens  |  11.21.22

A day in the life of Principal Traniece Brown-Warrens.

Why I Hold Monthly SEL Sessions with Students’ Families

by Jazmine Frias  |  2.24.22

By hosting monthly “Coffee With the Principal” sessions, I bring families SEL skills, staff expertise & support.

How Our Community Came Together for Black History Month

by Laurence McGhee & Allison Rotola  |  2.1.22

Both of us grew up in Linden, and we both serve here now – Allison as an educator and Laurence as an administrator. Last school year, as we considered how we could recognize and honor Black History Month, a thought occurred to us: Why not highlight the influential figures who came out of our own […]

Let’s recommit to the power of listening

by Jorge Ruiz  |  1.18.22

At the start of the pandemic, one major adjustment we had to make was accepting that the new challenges weren’t going to end quickly. For me, the hardest part has been trying to maintain a sense of consistency and community. As my team faces each new challenge, I try to bring our work back to […]

How We Invite Students’ Families to Plan Together With Our Staff

by Chris DeRemer  |  10.6.21

I lead a high school in a beautiful, vibrant community, with 90% students of color and an active, devoted alumni association. It also happens to be a school in which over 90% of students qualify for free and reduced lunch – and one of the lowest performing schools in the city. In a school balancing […]

Answering the School Phones Gave Me an Instant Connection to Families

by Hanne Denney  |  9.27.21

I hadn’t planned to answer the secretaries’ phones – but I’m so glad I did.

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