3 Ways to Make Sure All Families See College as an Option

by Gabbi Buckley  |  8.3.21

As a first-generation college graduate, I make college readiness a priority for my students and families.

Reimagining Education: Let’s find new ways to meet families where they are

by VaShawn Smith  |  10.27.20

Dr. VaShawn Smith is a middle school principal in Grandview, MO. This is part of our series on reimagining education. Follow him on Twitter at @drvsmith. As school leaders, we know family engagement is always important – and it’s our role to provide the sense of stability and care our learners and their families need. But […]

Virtual Tour! A Glimpse of Principal Michael Williford’s Online Orientation for New Students

by Michael Williford  |  8.31.20

Michael Williford is a middle school principal in California. Follow him on Twitter at @mwillifordjbms. As a middle school principal, I know the jump from sixth to seventh grade can feel scary, even in an ordinary year – and for students who are English language learners or qualify for special education services, it can seem […]

#PrincipalOfficeHours: A Conversation About Reopening and the New School Year

by The Principal Project Team  |  8.26.20

Recently, lead learners like you gathered on Twitter for a #PrincipalOfficeHours chat to discuss school reopening in this complicated back-to-school season. We’ve collected the roundup below to share a few highlights, and we hope it brings you a little extra inspiration – whether it’s a tip to share with your team, a plan to mull […]

Planning for 2020-2021: 4 questions to put equity at the center of your family & community engagement

by The Principal Project Team  |  8.13.20

This blog post is excerpted & adapted from Restart & Recovery: Considerations for Teaching and Learning System Conditions from the Council of Chief State School Officers. See the full report for more guidelines, vetted resources and project context to support your family engagement strategy. 4 key values that will help center equity in your family […]

Leader’s Digest with Principal Kristen Kuhlmann

by The Principal Project Team  |  5.18.20

Issue #3: A principal’s guide for celebrating the end of this unusual year Sign up here to get #PrincipalProject newsletters like this in your inbox! Kristen Kuhlmann is a high school principal in Andover, Kansas. I want to bring up something that I think has been on all our minds lately: finding a way to […]

#ClosedNotClosed: Principal Kristen Kuhlmann Creates a Socially Distant Graduation Ceremony

by Kristen Kuhlmann  |  5.15.20

Kristen Kuhlmann is a high school principal in Andover, Kansas. You can follow her on Twitter at @AHSPrincipal385. As the end of this complicated year approaches, I know how much our school community would love to hold a traditional commencement ceremony for our seniors. This is a tough call for every principal, and I considered […]

Changemakers: How Principal Erik Naglee is Using Twitter and Video to Celebrate Senior Students During COVID-19 Closures

by Erik Naglee  |  5.12.20

Erik Naglee is a high school principal in Greensboro, North Carolina. You can follow him on Twitter at @nagleee. This is an anxious time for students and families. I know I’m not the only principal who’s been up at night thinking about how I can support our kids – not only by working to meet […]

Our School Has a 50% Chronic Absentee Issue – And Here’s What We’re Doing About It

by Alexis Knox-Miller  |  8.29.19

I’m an assistant principal at a middle school. I work with students who have so much heart and character. They are so unafraid to speak truth and I really admire that. I also get the honor to work alongside some of the best teachers I know. They get up and teach our students daily because […]

Partnering with Families to Build a Culture that Welcomes All Kids

by Xavier Reed  |  8.16.19

When I think about attendance, I really think about whether students feel welcome and if they have a sense of comfort in the building. If they do, they’re going to want to be at school.  I’m an associate principal at a suburban middle school, with about a 50% free or reduced lunch population. When we […]

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