How We Invite Students’ Families to Plan Together With Our Staff

by Chris DeRemer  |  10.6.21

I lead a high school in a beautiful, vibrant community, with 90% students of color and an active, devoted alumni association. It also happens to be a school in which over 90% of students qualify for free and reduced lunch – and one of the lowest performing schools in the city. In a school balancing […]

#PrincipalHack roundup: 5 ideas your fellow leaders love

by The Principal Project Team  |  9.27.21

As your school year gets under way, we wanted to share some favorite #PrincipalHacks from your fellow leaders, covering everything from family connections to must-have supplies. Thank you for everything you’re doing to support teachers and students right now – from big undertakings to small, meaningful “hacks.”

Why I turned staff meetings into “Faculty Huddles”

by Jennifer Corson  |  9.27.21

I find 10-15-minute, agenda-driven huddles lead to fresher thoughts and more innovation.

How Two Handwritten Letters Can Make a Difference

by Dana Boyd  |  9.24.21

Two letters. One powerful message: You matter to me.

How to get all-staff buy-in on restorative practices

by Brandon Pinkney  |  9.10.21

As you lean into planning for a new year, I know you are thinking through how best to support students in what will hopefully be a more normal year. I’ve worked in several schools as a leader, and what I’ve learned is we have to teach to the heart before we can teach to the […]

3 Steps to Intentional Instructional Leadership

by Ranesia Edwards  |  8.23.21

As a school leader, I know that if my team and I can promote academic success for our students, we can set them up to achieve so much in high school and beyond. If I want to encourage students to excel, I have to equip teachers to excel – and that means working deliberately to […]

5 Ways to Empower Your Counseling Team to Thrive

by Gabbi Buckley  |  8.3.21

My counseling department is so strong because I give them what they need – and get out of their way.

3 Ways I Promote Anti-Bias Teaching With My Team

by Maurice McDavid  |  7.16.21

Leading anti-racist instruction means shining a light on unconscious bias with our teams

Drafting a Master Schedule: Equity, Connection & Growth

by The Principal Project Team  |  7.13.21

As you build your master schedule, take a tip or two from your fellow leaders.

3 Ways Every School Leader Can Help Build a Pipeline of Educators of Color

by Sharif El-Mekki  |  6.24.21

This is part of a series on recruiting and retaining teachers of color, presented in collaboration with leader Sharif El-Mekki. The first post, on focusing on the prerequisites for recruitment, can be found here. The second post, on six steps for more inclusive hiring, can be found here.  When I first became a principal, I […]

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