To inspire your team’s teaching plans, ask 3 questions

by Brian Behrman  |  7.3.24

My team and I are working toward big, multi-year learning goals for our elementary students. Last year, our teachers embraced professional growth, elevated our instruction and promoted so much student progress. We’ll keep pushing toward those goals this fall and embark on new professional learning journeys. As a principal, I can’t wait to jump in […]

How we built a New Teacher Cohort to sustain our staff

by Derek Voiles  |  6.28.24

When my principal first invited me to join Lincoln Middle School as an AP, she emphasized the importance of being a lead learner for our staff. She said, “We’re going to create a learning environment not only for students but also for teachers.”  Research has shown that the first three years of a teacher’s career […]

How our mindfulness program reduced our suspension rate by 50%

by Shawaan Robinson  |  5.30.24

Five years ago, my school was one of the middle schools with the highest number of suspensions in the county. I know data demonstrates that suspensions just aren’t effective  for students, and as a principal I’ve seen it firsthand, too. When a student is repeatedly suspended, it’s easy for them to feel unwanted at school, […]

How we’re shifting math instruction in our school community

by Emily Paschall  |  5.22.24

As a student, I was trained to have a very procedural approach to math. It wasn’t until I taught third grade that I realized I needed to think more flexibly. I knew I needed coaching to help me make the shift. I just didn’t know what I didn’t know.  Many of us grew up learning […]

Forging school culture through consistent routines

by Josh Tovar  |  5.17.24

We’re leading through a tough moment in education for many reasons, one of which is that more school communities are grappling with chronic absenteeism. As a school leader, I know how hard it can be to develop a consistent, positive school culture when students are struggling with regular attendance. It’s not easy work, but it’s […]

How leaders can show authentic care during Teacher Appreciation Week and beyond

by Tiffany Scott  |  5.2.24

There are many conversations impacting the education profession right now. As educators, much of the noise can be tough; it can pollute our perspective on the value of the time and heart we’re pouring into our practice every day. Our work unfolds on a human timeline, and the full impact we make in students’ lives […]

6 tips for making the transition from AP to principal

by Ahmed Adelekan  |  4.19.24

This year, I’m serving as the Principal at Benjamin Banneker Middle School in Montgomery County Public Schools – my first year as a principal after 10 years as an AP. While moving from AP to principal shifts only one seat over, the difference in the role can feel tremendous. As an AP, my responsibilities centered […]

Why I’ve taught a lesson every day this month

by Emily Paschall  |  4.19.24

When I first started as an assistant principal, leading a community of about 500 elementary school students, I was brand new to this school system. Nobody knew me. I wanted to introduce myself to teachers as someone committed to instruction, someone who could partner with them in student learning. But first, I needed to earn […]

How lunch duty became a cornerstone of my leadership

by Sharif El-Mekki  |  3.20.24

As a principal, I spent lunch periods in the cafeteria whenever possible. It was a place to deepen connections – and a fertile ground for surfacing feedback and data. I’d sit with a student and say, “Tell me about your experience at this school, in this class, with me as your principal, and put a […]

5 ways to make Black history part of your year-round leadership

by Sharif El-Mekki  |  2.16.24

As educational leaders, we play a crucial role in shaping the narrative of Black History Month within our schools. While teachers spearhead Black History Month classroom lessons during February, it’s our responsibility to integrate Black history meaningfully into our school-wide vision and foster a commitment to anti-racist education and equity. I’ve been thinking about this […]