Leader’s Digest with Principal Kathy Walker

Issue #5: Tapping back into your “why” this BTS season

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Kathy Walker is a middle school principal in Statesville, North Carolina. You can follow her on Twitter @kathywalkeriss

Optimism. Concern. Fear. Excitement. Determination. We school leaders are building our back-to-school plans a little differently – but for all of us, each day brings a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences. I always expect this time of year to be busy, but I never imagined I’d be planning my fall around a pandemic – and this is not an easy ride. 

As lead learners, we’re planning for online teaching, hybrid schedules and everything in between. We’re fielding a million questions and concerns. Each day brings so many ups and downs – but beneath all that turbulence, there’s still the joy of starting a new year of learning with the students, teachers and families who mean so much to us. It’s what inspires me to lead, in these turbulent days, with grace. With confidence. And with trust – in myself, and in my school community.

For me, leading with grace means that although I may not have every answer to the unknowns ahead, I will still build my plans with care and commitment. It means showing my team how much I believe in them, and letting my students and families know how much I care about them. Here, I’m sharing a few ways I’m bringing grace into my leadership practice right now:

  • Prioritizing relationships. We know our students have been through a lot. By giving them space to express their anxieties, we can give them the support they need to reconnect with themselves as learners. So I’m encouraging my team to build relationships that will make our kids feel ready to grow.
  • Promoting innovation. Teachers are trying out so many new tools and ideas right now, and I want my team to feel inspired, not daunted. So when I wrote them a “welcome back” letter, I decided to be brave and record my first video message, too – just to spread some confidence about all the innovating we can do together!
  • Encouraging teacher leadership. This time calls for leaders. If I can find out what a teacher’s dreams are, I can empower them to grow in ways that will do so much for our school community! So I’ve been asking my team how I can support their goals – and I love getting to offer them the encouragement they deserve.

I know this newsletter may have reached you as you’re feeling some stress or trepidation about the coming weeks. But I want to invite you to pause here and give yourself a moment of grace – and to reconnect with your passion as an educator and a leader. You’re doing so much to support and inspire your school community right now, and it matters.

Below, you’ll find a collection of insights and approaches from your fellow lead learners as they head back to school, and the many ways that this time looks different from years past. I encourage you to draw some inspiration from their perspectives, and to share your own journey with the #PrincipalProject community.

Above all, I encourage you to tap back into the “why” that means so much to you – and to bring that joy into the full, frustrating, exciting days ahead.

Kathy Walker
Middle School Principal
Statesville, North Carolina

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You’re doing so much to make sure your school community’s back-to-school plans feel supportive and sustainable for students, teachers and families – but it’s important to make sure these busy days are sustainable for YOU, too. How are you building self-care into your fall schedule?

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