Leader’s Digest with Principal Kathy Walker

by The Principal Project Team  |  8.24.20

Issue #5: Tapping back into your “why” this BTS season Sign up here to get #PrincipalProject newsletters like this in your inbox! Kathy Walker is a middle school principal in Statesville, North Carolina. You can follow her on Twitter @kathywalkeriss Optimism. Concern. Fear. Excitement. Determination. We school leaders are building our back-to-school plans a little […]

Reimagining Education: Let’s empower teachers to co-write curriculum with students and families

by Chris DeRemer  |  8.19.20

Chris DeRemer is the dean of instruction at a high school in Denver, CO. This is part of our series on reimagining education. A few years ago, when I was in the classroom full-time, my students and I did a project on gentrification. I was new to the school and the neighborhood, part of the […]

Your First Year as a School Leader: Advice from Fellow Principals and APs

by The Principal Project Team  |  7.30.20

When you look back at your first year as a school leader, what do you wish you had known – and what did you love learning? Your fellow lead learners shared advice, insights and inspiration for new principals and APs who will soon be starting their big first year in school leadership! From encouraging teacher […]

#PrincipalHacks: 7 Tips for Virtual Meetings, from Your Fellow School Leaders

by The Principal Project Team  |  4.23.20

The challenges presented by COVID-19 are changing what it means to connect with your school community. Already, your fellow lead learners are doing what leaders do: finding a way.  From offering emotional support at a distance to making sure everyone feels comfortable with new technology, you’re figuring out ways to provide support for kids and […]

15 Pieces of Advice and Encouragement from your Fellow Principals and APs

by The Principal Project Team  |  9.13.19

We asked you and school leaders in the #PrincipalProject community to answer a question on Twitter: What tips or encouragement would you give a fellow principal or AP? Whether you’re a veteran administrator or starting your first year as a principal, we hope you find inspiration and encouragement from lead learners in this community: “Go […]

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