4 Ways School Leaders Can Offer Compassionate Leadership to Teachers Right Now

by Anitra Cook  |  11.16.20

Anitra Cook is a middle school assistant principal in Farmville, NC. Follow her on Twitter at @ap_cookie. My school district is one of few in North Carolina that launched the school year in person, using a hybrid model. When the announcement was made that we would be working in the building rather than just virtually, […]

Leader’s Digest with Tiffany Hampton

by Tiffany Hampton  |  10.31.20

Issue #6: What instructional leadership means to me right now Sign up here to get #PrincipalProject newsletters like this in your inbox! Tiffany Hampton is a continuation high school principal in Bloomington, CA. You can follow her on Twitter at @SMHS_CJUSD. Fall is always a busy time for us lead learners, and in a way, […]

What does instructional leadership look like? Here’s what 5 school leaders say.

by The Principal Project Team  |  10.29.20

As our team’s instructional leaders, it’s our job to keep teaching and learning at the center of all we do.  That means having an intentional focus on the growth of teachers and students. It means diving into the data and researching best practices. It means creating trust and providing instructional feedback to teachers, supporting them […]

Reimagining Education: Let’s find new ways to meet families where they are

by VaShawn Smith  |  10.27.20

Dr. VaShawn Smith is a middle school principal in Grandview, MO. This is part of our series on reimagining education. Follow him on Twitter at @drvsmith. As school leaders, we know family engagement is always important – and it’s our role to provide the sense of stability and care our learners and their families need. But […]

We’re leading through a tough time – but we’re not in this alone.

by Marc Cohen  |  10.27.20

Marc Cohen is a high school principal in Germantown, Maryland, and a presenter with ASCD. You can find him on Twitter @marcjcohen. Over the summer, my new director scheduled a meeting with me. I thought she wanted to discuss district initiatives, school improvement efforts, and successes and challenges in my school, but her first question […]

#PrincipalOfficeHours: A Conversation About Family Engagement

by The Principal Project Team  |  10.14.20

As your school community adapts to a new world of online learning structures and socially distant school days, you and your team are providing so much guidance and encouragement for students – and for families, too. Finding ways to bring your learners’ families an ongoing sense of connection and support matters so much to school […]

#PrincipalOfficeHours: A Conversation About Building School Culture During Reopening – and Beyond!

by The Principal Project Team  |  10.5.20

This year, back-to-school looks very different for your students and your team – but school leaders like you are doing so much to make sure your school culture feels as strong, inclusive and encouraging as ever. Recently, your fellow lead learners came together on Twitter for a #PrincipalOfficeHours chat on everything that goes into building a […]

A Library of Resources for Anti-Racist School Leadership

by The Principal Project Team  |  9.21.20

On the following tabs, you’ll find a collection of resources for anti-racist education shared by your fellow school leaders – along with some reflections on how each resource has informed their practice.  This is a living, growing library that #PrincipalProject will update as time goes on. If you have something you’d like to nominate for […]

Reimagining Education: To bring more Black educators into our schools, let’s focus on the prerequisites for recruitment

by Sharif El-Mekki  |  9.18.20

Sharif El-Mekki is a former principal and the founder of the Center for Black Educator Development in Philadelphia, PA. This is part of our series on reimagining education. I was a principal at Mastery Charter School-Shoemaker in Philadelphia for many years. We took to heart the concept of windows and mirrors, decorating our walls with […]

How Principal Keeanna Warren Sustained Restorative Practices from a Distance

by Keeanna Warren  |  9.9.20

Keeanna Warren is a high school principal in Indiana. You can read more about what restorative practices look like in her school community here. Follow her on Twitter @KeeannaWarren. This past year, my high school transitioned to the complete integration of restorative practices – which means we center our days on the relationships we have […]

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